U.N. panel suggests slavery reparations in U.S.

Source: U.N. panel suggests slavery reparations in U.S.


Letter to the United Nations on the Plight of Africans in the U.S. (Chicago)

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UN2   We are tired, and it has given us the strength to take back the future that colonialism has stripped from us! We have been abused emotionally, physically, spiritually, and economically since our people were kidnapped by those who participated in the worst holocaust, and slave-trade known to mankind. We are “We the People of African Descent”, and we stand before this contemporary society having just emerged into revolution against institutional, economic, legislative, and judiciary tyranny. Around the globe we are afflicted, whether it be in Kenya, the United Kingdom, or the United States; there has been a monumental action taken against African descendants, and most people of color. Right here in America, whether it be on street corners, in the offices of alderman, at city hall, or even on capitol hill; injustice and genocide can be seen written in blood.


The economic disparity of African Peoples, as a collective…

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U.N. People of African Descent

Who is the UN Working Group of People of African Descent?
The members of the Working Group are appointed, independent experts from various countries dedicated to improving the human rights situation of people of African descent around the world. One of their mandates is to visit different countries to examine critically the situation of people of
African descent in the country, identify problems, and make recommendations for resolution of the problems. There will be 3 expertswho will visit and 2 UN staff. I will verify which working group members will travel to the US. For more information about the Working Group,
please check out this link:  http://www.ohchr.org/…/WGAfricanDesce…/Pages/WGEPADIndex.asp.

Purpose of Visit & Focus
The purpose of their visit is to conduct an official fact-finding mission, complete a report and submit to the Human Rights Council. They are focusing on criminal justice and economic, social and cultural rights.

Purpose of this group is to collectively coordinate civil society(community participation of African Descendants)

Deadline for written Testimony to be go into record is December 22nd,2015

Please submit all information to africandescent@ohchr.org and cc
member@ushrnetwork.org by December 23rd

United Nations People of African Descendants visit and Chicago Mission day is late January